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Teak Wood handmade handicrafts

What is sagwan wood?

Sagwan (Teak) is tropical hardwood species and belong to family of Lamiaceae. It is most valuable and high price timber crop of India. … It is most important hardwood and use for making of handicrafts, furniture, plywoods all types of construction pole, ship building etc.

How to identified Real sagwan wood from ?

  • Texture:Real teak texture looks really obvious ink lines and oil spots, fake teak flooring has no ink lines or ink lines and scattered light.real teak has ink line and oil stain


  • Grain:Real teak grain is shinny or glossy, with oil. Fake teak is dull and dry.


  • Weight:Real teak flooring is lighter than rosewood and heavy than hemlock. Fake teak is pretty heavy to make people feel it is really good quality wood.


  • Smell:Real teak flooring has a special flavor and you can smell it when cutting it. The smell is very comfortable. Fake teak is either no fragrance or an unpleasant odor.


  • Sawdust:Real teak sawdust has very strong oil, feeling soft. Fake teak sawdust is dry and loosing.


  • Water absorption:When dropping two points of water dripping on real and fake teak flooring, the water is absorbed quickly by fake teak. Real teak is very slowly, almost no water absorption.up is real, down is fake


  • Soaking in the water:Putting real and fake teak into the water for 24 hours, real teak is no any change and fake teak is cupping and twisting.
    teak wood handmade handicrafts

    Teak Wooden Bear Mug , Coffee Mug,Dinner Set, Sagwan Dinner Set, Sag Dinner Set, Wooden plate, Wooden Blowl, Wooden Glass, Wooden Mug, Wooden Spoon

    Advantages of teak wood furniture

    • Excellent Durability. Teak wood comes from real mature teak tree. …
    • Easy Cleaning. With recent finishing, it is easy enough to clean it. …
    • Being very strong, it will serve well when you invite many people at once. …
    • Low Maintenance. …
    • Beautiful Looking. …
    • Pest Resistant. …
    • Worth the Price.

     Things to Consider Before Buying Wooden  handicraft

There are so many Wooden  handicraft designs available nowadays. Looking at these, you may end up in a confusion of which one to buy. Here is a list of common factors that can help you understand your needs better:

  • Its material, design, and color
  • Maintenance
  • Features of the Wooden  handicraft
  • Trust and loyality




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